Final Blog from October

2014-10-31 10.47.29 IMG-20141031-WA0009 2014-10-31 18.01.16 IMG-20141031-WA0010


Just before we hit the road to sunny wales I thought I would share the last couple of pics taken from yesterday, after not seeing daddy properly for 3 days it was really nice seeing that little bit more of him yesterday although he did have a few bits to do its always nice having cuddles with him.

The other pictures is of me getting around and about on the floor getting into places i shouldn’t just like a baby is suppose to pulling stuff from underneath the coffee table, i always find it fun but i guess for everyone having to keep putting the stuff back its not and then there is a picture of me on my teething ring as each day more and more teeth are cutting through and really hurting but everyone is doing a fab job of giving me stuff to calm them down, i haven’t let people take a picture of them yet but so far i have 2 teeth come through and 4 cutting though so some days i can be right miserable but hey im in pain so i can be that way.

Not to forget this is the  last blog of October and unfortunately daddy wont be able to upload Octobers pictures until we get back from wales and also this time we’re not taking the live web cam with us so for now folks hope you all had a good halloween and will let you all know when i get back how it all went xx