Fighting like mad

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The last few nights while mummy had been at work i seem to have carried on waking up through the night after being ill, mummy and daddy could understand it while i was i’ll as the meds had probably worn off so i would get more and back off to sleep i would go but even though i don’t need them now im still waking up at intervals through the night.

The first time i wake up aint normally that bad as im still half asleep but the second time is normally 4-5am and at that point im ready to get up which i never used to be so trying to put me back to sleep is like the whole world coming to an end and thus the fight between parent and child begins and my vocals get an early morning stretch and i fight it like mad to the point where i can fall asleep on the floor and then dad has to come in and put me back into bed but boy do i give them a run for there money, mummy was home last night so she got to experience how much of a hard time ive been giving dad and you would think that i would learn by now that i never win but still i give it a good go xxx