Fighting a good fight

Yet again its been a rough week for me as once again im well ill and its hitting me hard, ive had some bad night sleeps with coughing and high temps and just generally feeling like poo but on the plus side every now and then i get to sleep with mummy and daddy however they dont tend to make this a regular thing and i to be fair ive had the choice a few times to sleep in there bed but i do just prefer my own bed, even nanny owen wanted me to stay the other night but mum and dad ( dad mainly) wanted me home where they could keep there eye on me as they dont like hearing that im ill and then not being home as well they just worry and when your ill you just want your home comforts.

saying that ive spent alot of time over nanny’s house as mum is still trying to sort out 2 jobs and dad works crazy hours so me and my partner in crime (nanny owen) just have crazy time at her house and to make things better nanny and grandad broadfield are back for christmas and i get to spend loads of  time with them so although i feel like i just wanna curl up and cry and i annoy the hell out of everyone most days at the moment im still soldiering on like a little trooper 🙂 GO ME!!!