July 2017

Festival Fun & Nights Out

So far the school holidays are going great and ive been having a blast!! to start the fun off i had a day out with mummy and daddy at the Black Country Festival where me and dad heading down there first to see if we could help set things up as daddy knows the people who organize it and while daddy was helping i got to run around and play with a couple of other kids and after a few hours i didnt want to go but we needed to go and get mummy and daddy had to work down there in the afternoon so we needed to go have lunch before heading back down.

Once we got back down there it was already in full swing and there was only one thing on my mind and that was seeing some characters and having my kids disco that mum paid for which ment got to dance with Cinderella and see chase and marshal from paw patrol and Moana and iron man and bertie the badger it was just crazy by the time i finished the disco but loved every minute of it and within  a blink of an eye it was almost 5pm and the day was starting to come to an end and boy did i sleep well that night.

Over the next few days it was spend some time with mom as i hadn’t seen her much with her working 5 nights and then come Wednesday i was off to nanny bob’s house (nanny Georgina lol) to stay for a couple of days while mum and dad had a couple of days away on there own then i was back home for a day/night before heading over to spend some quality time with nanny Gwendoline and grandad gordy and stopping the night as well so things have been great so far and theres still 5 more weeks left to go and ive asked to goto the beach at some point as well so daddy is going to organize that one.