Feeling the love

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Hi folks its been a crazy weekend and i still have another day left of the bank holiday left! Im still fighting with Colic and on friday my grandad and grandma Taylor in scotland suggested some Colocynth Granules to try but mummy and daddy couldnt get any around here after trying various places like Boots and Holland and Barret and also called numerous other pharmacys so Grandma Taylor went and posted me some down from scotland and with the speedy delivery from Royal Mail they turned up first thing saturday morning so it was time to stop the colief drops and start on the Granules and see what happens.

Whilst i was waiting to see what effect they would have on me i had one of daddys friends come and stay over the weekend Dean Joyce, he lives in Blackpool now and this is the first time he has seen me so he was looking forward to comming down and getting cuddles in or as they say in wales as he used to live there cwtches. Saturday also brought the arrival of more people as Nanny and Grandad Broadfield have come over from france for the week so mummy and daddy had to go and pick them up from east midlands airport so i got to have a nice sleep in the car for a few hours before going to dinner in the evening with them and dean where i was really hungry and had almost 7oz’s and also slept quite well so mummy and daddy thought these granules might actually be working.

Come Sunday we all west to Bestcot market for a wonder round then mummy, nanny and grandad broadfield took me with them while dean and daddy went shopping down merry hill where dean decided to go crazy in toys r us and buy lots of things for me, he bought a tummy time spinner, a giant teddy, blanket, hand cast mould, a mobile for my cot,clothes from primark and a lamaze toy as well, i really am spoilt and loved. Later that afternoon daddy and dean took me to go and see Ray and Joy who sent me gifts and they were visiting in the area from Andover but i started to become very crabby and irritable and this continued till 2am this morning where i finally went to sleep till about 6am then on and off since then so looks like we might have to go back on the colief drops or at least have them in the night and use the granules during the day?  im now 7weeks old so either way mummy and daddy only have about another 5 or 6 weeks left till i grow out of it so lets hope they can survive, i know mummy is doing a fantastic job and couldnt ask for better friends and family helping me through this period in my life while i get over this colic


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