Feeling alot better

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A bit later than daddy expected but here is a quick blog just to let everyone know that im back and feeling like my normal self again which is amazing 🙂

Since last saturday i think i must of had another tooth or something trying to come through as i became really bad and started having high temp and really unsettled during the nights and that ment that i didn’t want to eat and was a proper cranky baby and as a few days went on i even had… well lets just say that nappy changing wasn’t nice for mum or dad but on the positive side it only lasted a few days and by wednesday night i was slowly starting to feel a little bit better and mum and dad made sure that i went back to my normal routine with bed and the last couple of nights have been really good and i’ve not got up though the nights with mum so we are back to a happy house once again.

Daddy was ment to do a blog a couple of days ago but found that the website had some nasty things on here called spyware but hopefully, fingers crossed he has sorted them all out now and things seems to be back up and running ok but if anyone see’s anything with pink capital letters with a little green icon next to it please let daddy know, here is a picture of what he is on about


As you can see the word STARTED is highlighted in pink and underlined and has a little green icon next to it so please dont click on them as they are naughty things that shouldn’t be here xxx