Farm Fun

Saturday finally came and it was time for a little bit of daddy daughter time as i dont get to spend much time with dad during the week, by the time he gets back from work and has his dinner its almost time for me to start winding down so dad decided that we needed to have a bit of time together and promised me a trip a farm with loads of animals that i could see and touch if i wanted to.

After mum got back from work me and dad was going to the farm but the weather wasnt all that great so we went over to see cousin liam for an hour or so until the weather picked up and soon enough it picked up and off we went heading for the farm. When we got there i was like a bottle of pop all excited and it wasnt long before i seen my first animal and they were kangaroos then it was straight for the meerkats as i love them but we couldnt stroke them.

Next was off to see the rest of the animals but all of a sudden i seen a peacock and all of a sudden it started shaking and spreading its wings and i jumped 10ft in the air and fell over so that wasnt a great start but i brushed my self off and dried my eyes then we went to see lambs and rabbits and goats and pigs and chicks and then it was over to the giant bouncing pillows which was amazing if it wasnt for other people getting on and making it even more bouncier than i wanted it to be so it was time for a go on the kiddy tractors befor heading out into the field to find sheep and ponies and deer. all in all it was a fab few hours with dad 🙂