family time

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Its great having my family all around me and since nanny and grandad broadfield have come back from france its been ace spending sooo much time with them and i guess seeing them nearly everyday on skype has helped loads as it hasn’t taking me that long to get used to the fact that they aint in the computer no more. Had some playtime with cousin liam on the monday then went off to visit both nanny and grandads and tuesday was playgroup in the morning which mummy came with me and daddy 🙂 and this week looks like i can goto the playgroup at the church for the first time so going to see what that’s all about.

Wednesday dad went off to work early so me and mum ended up over nanny owens house and then nanny and grandad broadfield came over, i didn’t sleep much that day as lately there its just way more fun staying up and causing trouble but for a change its in a good way, my food intake has gotten better so mum says so its just taking each day as it comes but i have in general been in a really good mood most days 🙂