family fun packed weekend

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have had a great fun filled few days starting with friday afternoon where mummy and me went to baby group and got to meet and play with other babies and toys and even did a couple of my own paintings but didn’t like the feel of paint on my hands and at one point i even tried to eat the brush but mummy stopped me so i decided to scream the place down, at this point however i had been up for a very long time as i decided to get mummy up at 0110am and really didn’t wanna go back to sleep.

Saturday then we had to make sure we was up and out the house early so we could go pick nanny owen up and get back as auntie carla and co was coming so we spent most the morning over auntie amandas and uncle stuarts. After spending the usual fun evening with nanny owen sunday i decided to stay in bed till just gone 7am   as the last couple of days must of caught up with me then it was time to see auntie carla and co at our house before they went home.

Teeth are still giving jip at the moment so im having good moments and bad moments but all in all im doing ok, crawling ive got down to a fine art and now i just want to try and stand and hold onto everything that i can reach from the side of the bed to trying to climb up the wall and stand so i dont think i have much longer befor i master the unbalanced zombie style walking.
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