Electronics Banned

It was a tough week last week as i hit a nerve with dad and as a result of this i lost my tablet for a week and of course me being me soon asked if i could use mummy or nanny’s phone to watch youtube videos on and sing songs but unfortunately dad was already one step ahead of me and said that loosing my tablet also ment no phones or computers either and thus i had to go all week until sunday night before i could have it back 🙁

Sunday soon came and it was great to have it back again and daddy even put a new screen on for me as the other one was broken so i was happy all around although it was short lived as i had an accident yesterday for no reason at all and dad was not impressed and i have now lost it for today, i guess im going to learn slowly.

Last week was a mixture of spending time with mum as she had no work all week and we even got baking cakes as well and seeing daddy when he came home and i even got to spend a  night over nanny and grandad owens which is always good and is like home from home and i even have my own new bed at theres now as i spend lots of time there what with mummy and daddy working silly hours. dad always has his weekends off at the moment so its nice when i wake up in the morning and he’s here but its just a shame the weather hasnt been that great to do anything.

My eating food last week was really good which is one of the main reasons i lost my tablet so i had to try extra hard to make sure i starting eating my food properly and i even had carrots and carrot cake over nanny and grandad broadfield’s house on sunday which was the deal breaker in getting my tablet back.

Daddy and mummy are trying there hardest to make sure im growing up good and with my best friend nanny gina i think they are doing good but hey im still only 3 who knows how im going to turn out lol