Easter Madness

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I Havent got round to munching on some easter eggs yet but the day is still young and hey so am i, not even 1 years old yet (thats in 2 days not that im counting) but who needs chocolate to go crazy with a few rabbits and boxes taste way much better to eat lol.

Daddys cousin Rona is down now so looks like i need to make my self pretty and get some good photos of me and her as its been what feels like ages since i last saw her and ive grown so much since then and with daddy off until thursday we should be able to spend some more time with her, not quite sure what but we should do something.

OH!!! i forgot i have cake smashing tomorrow from the same guy who done my other pictures so that should be good fun and of course pictures will follow, daddy’s friend has organised it for us as a birthday treat so as long as im in a good mood hopefully we should have some good pics to come

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