ducky ducky ducky


last few days have been good, spending time with all my family even though they are just as crazy as me lol i have no chance really. i have been seeing alot more of nanny and grandad broadfield as they are still here in the UK and going to nanny and grandad owens house where we just get up to crazy things like swishing me along the floor on a giant keyboard and me running around the living room with my coat on backwards its always fun at nanny owens.

Had some family time with just mum and dad this afternoon where we went down Kingswinford Park and fed the ducks, mum was scared of the geese so she stayed and took some pictures but me and dad are hard core and let them take the bread right out of my hands, they must be nice geese and ducks as none of them bit me or dad. After we fed the ducks i got to go and play in the park for a little while although its not the greatest of parks so we didnt stay there all that long and had a nice walk around the park instead, i managed 3/4 of the walk around then i was shattered so we went off to see daddy’s friends and there dog dash so i could have a run around there or chill.

Ive been eating really good lately although i have a runny nose im hanging in there and soldiering on through, sleeping 99% of most nights and some days sleeping till 0730am. Less than 2 weeks now til we jet off to USA where there may not be many blogs done but hopefully pictures now and them from instagram, daddy has also noticed that some videos may not play on mobile devices so i looking to sort that out.

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