January 2016

Droitwich visit


Yesterday me and mummy left before daddy went to work as nanny and grandad owen came over to get us so we could go and see my second cousins in droitwich as the last time i see them was about 12 months ago when i was a little baby and mummy has been saying that she would go and visit them more often but hasn’t got round to it plus she doesn’t know exactly how to get there and would only get lost.

After a short power knap in the car we got there and it took me a little while to come around what with me not sleeping much in the days now but soon enough i was recharged and ready to go, one of my cousins came down stairs and that was it we were off playing for most of the afternoon and there wasn’t even a temper tantrum in sight which mum was well please about. Before you knew it time was up for the afternoon and grandad had to get us all back before traffic got crazy so by 6pm we were back and soon it would be time for bed, quick bath and jim jams on and my usual bed time story which some days mum hasn’t even been getting to the end and im gone with the wind and im only getting up once if that now so mum get pleased as she has an hour before dad comes home to chill.

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