Double Digits


Finally made it to the fist double digit mark in my life, mum and dad have been worried that i may not have been putting weight on but according the my weight chart im doing just fine and considering when i went to the USA i was 9.3kg thats not a bad increase for me. The health advisor at the doctors have told mum that they might just be giving me a little bit too much food and that im only small im eating enough to keep me going without going overboard and now my weigh ins are going to be every 2 months now as i seem to be doing ok and not much need to go every month now plus im big enough to go on the big scales now and not the little one on the table 🙂

The big move over the weekend seemed to go really well as im enjoying the new house, i love having a little conservatory to play in every day and there is so much potential for my own bed room but i heard dad say that we are just going to enjoy the house for now and see where things go. Nanny and grandad broadfield are heading back home in the morning which was a short and sweet visit but got to see them loads this time as they have been staying at nany and grandad owens house so with all the sleep overs ive had lately ive got to see them loads but poor nanny broadfield hasnt been feeling well so i hope she gets well soon xxx

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