doctors and Crying fits

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Today is another working week for daddy but before he went to work we had to pop to doctors to see if they could give us some more gaviscon infant powder and also see if they would do a prescription for Colief drops which cost £12apx in the shops and some people can get them on prescription so it was worth a try but because i dont have a lactose problem then they wouldn’t so daddy bought me some anyway shortly after. daddy then went off to work and me and mummy stayed at home and i think after having some of them drops it might of helped as i seemed to burp a lot more and had a crying stage as well to the point mummy went onto skype and said to nanny and grandad broadfield “sort me out!” as i was really doing her head in by this point but i also think it might of been the drops working away. i also seemed to sleep a lot better in between so lets hope the drops are working and i sleep alot better tonight, only time will tell