Day at the beach

Had a good couple of days over the weekend as ive been asking mum and dad for ages that i want to go on a bus and i want to goto the beach so this weekend thats what we did. I had to wait a little while on Saturday before i could go on a bus ride as daddy had to wait for his car to be fixed and pick it up from the garage but after a bit of lunch and a little snooze me and dad were all set to go on our little bus ride over to nanny and grandad owens house but that ment we needed to get on 2 buses so i was happy.

We had a little walk to the shop and finally got on the bus and well what else is there to say apart from it was bumpy and i decided that i didn’t want to go on a bigger bus i was happy with my single decker busses. we eventually made it close to nanny’s house and had to walk about 10 minutes till we got there which i dont like to walk much if i can help it so daddy carried me half way and i walked the other so i tried.

Sunday finally came and it was all systems go at 6am and we were on the road soon after heading to beach but we had to make a couple of pit stops first and first one was auntie carla’s house to say hello then off to pick daddy’s friend up and see cousin Callum and then… We finally made it to the beach and i was so so happy, we walked on the beach and went and played in the arcades then went for food and back for more beach and arcades before heading home, needles to say i was cream crackered on the way home and slept all the way back.