Dancing Girl

Blogs have slowed down a lot lately as dad is still on full swing with the taxis so only really gets monday and tuesday off to sort everything out and he goes to the gym alot as well so i think hes finding it hard to keep the blog up but hes trying.

Im finally back to feeling as normal as i can be and ive had a few good sleeps as well, even stayed at nany owens house one time over the last couple of weeks and me and nanny didn’t wake up till mommy came over and got us which was about 8am in the morning so everything was all go go go trying to get things ready for big nursery. at the start of this year i managed i think a day in big nursery before i had to be off for a few days due to not being well in the lower part of my body but we are all good now and back finally.

Whilst i wasnt feeling 100% mommy tried asking me if i wanted to go to dance classes and at first i was all up for going but the night before it was getting to much for me and so i told mum and dad i didnt want to go and then in the morning i still didnt want to go so last week was a wash out but… this saturday i finally got there and WOW i loved it and even got to wear my princess dress to go there and nanny owen came with me and mummy as well so im really looking forward to going next week 🙂