June 2015

Dads been busy

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Poor dad has been really busy the last few days and hasn’t had much time to sit and type my blog out for me, fathers day was meant to be a chilled day for him but bless him he was rushed off his feet with building stuff for me!!

I have now got my own pink playhouse and pink slide although i cant climb up the steps i do try and climb up the front and if all else fails then mum and dad pick me up and put me on the top and off i go, they were thinking of a little slide but there’s no point as i love the big slides so i guess now i just need to master climbing up the stairs just like i did indoors.

Last couple of days ive really been cranky as hell but no fear people it never last long and today ive done the do a couple of times (if you catch my drift) and im on top form which has been great for mum as shes feeling under the weather today and i don’t think she could of coped with me on another full scale cranky day.

Today the weather has been great and we’ve been to see 2 dogs today, first was uncle Stuarts which we had to go and walk and then it was over to mum and dads friends Michelle’s to go and sit with dash and in between all that ive had some serious walking to do but its been really great then its been home finally to play with my new slide and playhouse 🙂