Dads Back

Its been a few weeks since dads had chance to type anything on my blog as we’ve had our 2 week holiday to USA and then a few days after coming home daddy left us and went to Scotland for a week to spend some time with his daddy. Although there are a few times a week that i may not get to see daddy this was the longest he’s ever been away from me and mummy since ive been born so it was really strange not having him home and everyday he would try and video call me and i would ask “are you coming home yet?” as i was missing him.

Since we’ve been back from holiday i had 2 days at school and even had my leaving graduation from Nursery and then a leaving party ready for the six weeks holiday and then im starting reception which is going to be all change for me, im growing up now and soon the play time will be over in school and its time to start learning 🙁 its going to be a big shock to the system and no doubt im going to have a few days of crying at the school while mum leaves.

Dad has been trying to get photos together and uploaded onto the website and has also uploaded a couple of videos to my YouTube Channel, 2 of which Google had made and the Recap is one he did, there was soooo many photos from USA that he had to keep the video short and take out a few but all the photos will be uploaded soon.

Mum has been trying her best to keep me entertained though the six weeks holiday by taking me to soft play a few times and ive even had my best friend from nursery come over for the day for the first time which was really nice even if there was a few tears throughout the day fighting over toys but hey im a kid so its to be expected and hopefully when she gets back from her own holiday i will see her again before the 6 weeks are up. Dad has taken me to a massive park where there was almost 20 bouncy castles for me to go on and i had my face painted and even a ride on a donkey lol and he also plans to take me to blackpool for a couple of days (without mummy) and go and see his friend and he has a daughter as well so there will be someone for me to play with.