July 2014

Daddys Slacking

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Sorry guys but daddy has been slacking this week but i think we can let him off just a little bit as him, mummy, nanny and grandad owen and uncle stuart have helped and finally finished sorting the back garden out so when im a little bit older i will have somewhere to play so whilst they were doing the garden i have been chilling and at the same time i have got to see nanny and grandad owen all week which has been really nice but now nanny looks like a tomato and has very sensitive skin now which daddy finds it very funny to keep pressing but of course nanny aint impressed.

Ive also spent the morning with cousin liam on thursday when uncle stuart came to help and between the 2 of us taking it in turns screaming mummy wasnt finding it funny in the slightest but we are kids and this is what we do best. saturday night has been the usual nanny night but grandad owen has to go into hospital tuesday so nanny will have to be at home for a bit and i might have to go over and give him lots of cuddles and smiles to help him feel better and possibly stay over one night next weekend.

Im now on lactose free milk and finding it hard to adjust, i no longer need coleif drops as that was only used to break down the lactose so no lactose now and no coleif but on the downside it has made me constipated but as im almost 4 months (16weeks) on monday i can have some baby fruit juice and with a bit of research daddy has found out that some apple juice or pear juice is great for helping with constipation and we’ll see how we get on over the next few days but apart from that i am generally still a very happy and loved baby so i just smile and soldier on