Daddy’s back to work

z1    swaddle


Well after having 2 weeks off daddy had to go back to work 2am till 10am so nanny gina came and kept mummy company through the night.

When daddy returned home we went out and got a new baby monitor from kidicare in merry hill which grandad and grandma taylor bought me and we also bought a swaddling blanket.

After a couple of little stops nany gina, mummy, daddy and I went to visit some friends ken and june so they could have cuddles with me but I was in a sleeping mood so didn’t really see much of them and after half hour we left and went to go see grandad mick as I haven’t seen him for a couple days.

Next stop on way home was paula’s who had already tried to visit us but we were out so we stopped by at hers on way home then headed to uncle stuarts and cousin liam’s then back home for the evening.