Daddy day fail

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Morning folks and how refreshed do i feel after 2 successful nights sleeping, yes thats right and who knows things could be back on track for me slightly. Mummy has been trying a bit of controlled crying technique at nights the past 2 nights and the first night i cried for about 20 minutes on and off so she knew that it was nothing serious and eventually i put myself to sleep and slept until 0515am got up and mummy got me changed and fed and then i started getting tired again so mum put me back down in my cot and i slept again for another hour.

Night 2 was even quicker for me going to sleep and within 5 minutes i was gone and although i woke twice mummy didn’t come into me and ended up getting up at 0550am had my bottle and got me bum changed and then got put back to bed again in my cot and slept until just after 8am so had me about another hours sleep so all in all after the last few weeks of mummy getting up many times through the night to see to me these past 2 nights have been really good and hopefully they will continue but im still teething badly at the moment and it could be anyone’s guess what happens.

Yesterday daddy looked after me again for his second attempt at being home alone with no mummy to call for help and all was going fine until i got tired so daddy thought he’d stick me into bed and hope that i would stick my self to sleep but ohhhh noooo i decided to scream the place down and daddy came and got me and tried to settle me, then he attempted it again and i went hell for leather on the screaming and no matter what daddy did i would not stop and that was it then daddy got all in a fluster got dressed and made a mad dash for nanny’s house, as soon as i got in the car though i stopped and went straight to sleep which kind of annoyed daddy abit but hey im a baby and i was over tired. guess poor daddy will have to see if third time lucky is actually lucky looking after me but bless him he’s trying