Daddy Daughter week

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Well looks like its me and dad holding the fort this week as daddy and i still aint feeling the best and so the doctors have given him the week of work to get better as it no fun needing the toilet and when daddy is out on the road its sometimes hard to find one so quickly and he isnt as lucky as me to have a nappy around him which for me the last week has been a life saver although its not helped when ive been sick and poor mum is normally the one who end up with it all over her but today is a good day and so far so good we all seem to be trouble free shall we say.

Last week when nanny owen had me she also came down with it as well, so far i dont think grandad owen has yet so finger crossed he doesnt but as nanny owen has been ill as well that has really been the only place we could go and visit which is good in one was but not nice to see everyone around me getting ill but we’ve all soldiered on and at least we are all ill now and then in a couple of weeks time when im the big 1 year old we should all be fighting fit to have a PARTY!!

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