June 2016

Crazy Grandparents


Its been great the last few days as ive managed to spend some quality time at nanny and grandad’s and boy are they bonkers!! we’ve been playing hide and seek in the garden and my hair went all staticy and i was helping with the flowers although in my eyes i was just playing peek a boo with the fishes really lol. we’ve also had lawn mower races round the garden where grandad pushes the lawn mower and i hold on tight but between the two of us we get the circuit done quite nicely so all in all there is no hope for me really but thats why i love going round there so we can do all these crazy things.

Managed to get me some late birthday presents from nan and grandad owen as well, they was going to get me a bike for my birthday but ive taken a liking to these toys which are from the range called Happy Land so now i have a little house and a castle and a fairy tree house complete with lots of little fairy’s and kings and queens 🙂

Had my two year check up the other day and aced it with flying colors although due to me being really ill lately my weight had slightly dropped after doing so well, i think im at about 9.6kg now however there is no need for concern from the doctors as they knew i was ill and they said things will bounce back in no time and with nanny broadfield over from france as well im sure we will eat out a couple of times whilst out and about with mummy and nanny owen as well. Dad will put pics up from may hopefully by end of weekend and of me and grandad doing lawn mower races and my weight chart xxx

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