Cranky but crazy

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I Still haven’t fully caught up on sleep and im still not 100% right but i still have my crazy moments where i just wanna do saft things then all of a sudden i switch into full blown crankiness which poor old mum has had to put up with most days but im sure she knows deep down i love her and i even treated her to a little lay in the other morning 🙂 i woke up and dad brought me into the bed and i curled up with mum and went back to sleep for another hour so im not all that bad.

There have been the odd night and day to be fair where things have been rough for me and i fight my sleep with every ounce of fight that i have left in me and there have been others days lately that i have gone straight down and slept through the night so things are still pretty much hit and miss but on the bright side i did goto play group on tuesday although every child that came near me was like the end of the world and dad had to comfort me but it was a start and we didnt stay until the end. going to see what playgroup at the church is like tomorrow (friday) and see how long dad can last with me befor i drive him nuts xxx