Couple of days to go

The day is almost here and another year gone and although i wont be spending it in Las Vegas like on my 2nd birthday the clock is ticking before we head back over and visit Vegas and LA and a few other places but before we head over there to see some Princesses i have my very own one turning up to my party, Yes thats right Dad has told me Cinderella is making an appearance and i have at least 12 people turning up and thats just my friends along with a massive bouncy castle and my trampoline it looks like mum and dad have pulled out all the stops.

Unfortunately as much as im a happy chatter box as with most kids i am not feeling 100% at the moment so the clock is on to try and get better, yesterday was not like me at all and didn’t wanna move much and hardly ate which i know im a fussy eater but lately ive been doing ok so fingers crossed i’ll be ok in a couple of days. ive already been to the hair dressers and had a little trim along with mummy and nanny owen so all i need to do now is have 2 more sleeps and im ready to go.

Although dad hasnt had much time lately to post blogs as hes been working hard to get money for Disney land along with mummy working hard to ive been enjoying spending time with mum and dad where i can, between me at Big nursery and them at work i think we are all looking forward to a couple of weeks in the sun as the weather has been really rubbish and im slowly getting to play out side every now and then.