Countdown is on

Nothing spectacular has happened over the last few weeks apart from the silly weather really knocking me about and i cant shift this stupid cough at all and a runny nose but it doesn’t slow me down at all, im still full of beans no matter what.

Dad has started taking me to Karate although the first week went really well and dad was amazed the last 2 weeks was a massive wash out as i just haven’t felt like it at all and dad has gone from being amazed to disappointed considering how amazing i did the first lesson so not sure if its because im just not 100% or even if its for me or not so who knows whats happening with karate anymore.

We haven’t got our christmas tree up yet or any decorations  up yet however i have had a few phone calls from the big man Santa himself and hes been keeping an eye on me, there has been a couple of times already that ive been close to being on the naughty list so im trying to be good as much as i can, im slightly getting better at eating my food although the list of what i eat is still not getting any bigger ( Nuggets, Sausage, Tomato Pasta shapes and hoops, Billy bear ham, Turkey Dinosaurs, Smiley Faces and Toast) This genuinely is about the sum of what i eat but have tried pizza a couple of times over the last couple of months so i guess thats something to add to the list.

Im Massively into princesses at the moment and it normally the first thing  i ask to do in the morning is to dress up in some form of dress or character Disney dress but i know now that i cant unless i eat all my breakfast and with a few extra dresses from my auntie Louis which she has kindly sent me in the mail my collection is getting bigger 🙂 I also now its the start of december get to open my advent calendar and this year im actually excited to open my door every morning and at the moment i have 2 advent calender’s to do until we take one over to nanny owens house.