Cot Sleeping

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Been off the grid the last few days but during this week mum and dad have been trying to get me to sleep in my cot during the day as I have never been one for sleeping in there in the day time so they have stuck to there guns this week and after a bumpy start I  now have been going down twice a day morning and afternoon and having my naps which fingers crossed for mum and dad is going good now, as much as its been nice having cuddles on the sofa its time for me to be a big girl now and if im tired go to bed.

Had cousin liam over the other morning as uncle stuart had a couple of days of and I do loves him, its crazy how we are both growing up now and we can cause trouble together now just how it should be 🙂

Now mummy has past her test we have been popping up to the best soft play in the area so far that we have found called funky monkeys and its ace, im really getting the hang of it now each time I go there, I even went face forward legs down the slide today.