Colic, crying and photos


If you havent already looked ive uploaded pictures from the weekend and managed to get some really nice photo’s, as soon as my sister gets her prints from the photographer i shall upload more and let you all know. As for an update on the little one she is still suffering from Colic and since we were down in wales we ran out of colief drops which seemed to work for her and settle her and we were coping with her but since we had stopped them and tried to see how she would get on poor little one has done nothing but seem to be really unsettled and wouldnt sleep. so unfortunately Kirstie hasnt done much with her apart from cope the best she can, we have now since yesterday afternoon bought some more and last night and right now she seems to be catching up on her sleep and so is kirstie. hopefully we can do stuff over the weekend and more stories to be told. I Have if you havent already seen applied a subscribe section so please enter your email address and confirm your email so that every time there is a new blog on here you will be notified via email as i work 5-6 days a week its hard work keeping up with the blog on a daily basis so have to catch up every few days.