Chilling in this heat

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Aint done a fat lot in the last couple of days as daddy wanted to get his back garden done so when im a little bit older i have somewhere to play which ment him enlisting the help of nanny and grandad owen which also ment that i got to see them loads so far this week.

Health wise im doin good, think i have managed to get my poo’s under control although they have still not been right so mum and dad took me to see the doc on monday to get his opinion and he has given me some┬ádioralyte and also we mention’d about the sickness all the time but not massive amounts so he gave me Ranitidine which is ment to help treat to much stomach acid so see how we go but he also suggested trying lactose free baby milk which mum is going to get next time i finish my tub of milk if things dont get any better. before we went to doctors me mum and dad had a surprise visit from auntie amanda and cousin liam which was very nice as i aint seen auntie anamda in ages and plus i get to play with liam so that even nicer.

Not much to put on here but thought id check in and say hi and also a few extra pics for folks to see as daddy doesnt put too many pictures on facebook, he likes to keep the majority of them for people who read these blogs. dont think we have much planned for the rest of the week as daddy still has to sort the garden out but will blog soon just to check in and put more pictures on xx