January 2016

change of plans

nno play group

had a fab weekend with mostly just me and dad and nan and grandad owen as the weather was too cold to do anything interesting and mum needed sleep so off to nans to cause trouble over there and plus daddy had to go and look at a new house for us so we thought we would kill two birds with one stone. As usual grandad plays me up something rotten when im there and in turn i go wild and climb the sofa then decide to fall down it as if its a big climbing frame, i get away with it so i carry on doing it lol

As mum and dad have been looking at new houses its ment that im going to miss playgroup, today was kind of my fault as i hit my head and starting crying to the point i fell asleep so that was playgroup out the window and now friday church group has to be put off befor i even get there as we have another house appointment which i get to test out.

Still no dummy since i had it taken off me which has gotta be close to three weeks now, although im still teething im fighting through with the help of my friends Bonjella and Calpol and my Bessie Mr teething powder, its tough but slowly but surely im getting there i just wish these back 4 molars would hurry up and break through

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