Caravan Fun

Had a fab weekend with me bestie Nanny Georgina and Granddad Mickey Mouse out at the caravn site while mummy had some free time to enjoy her birthday party and get drunk. If i had it my way we would have gone Friday night but we ended up going first thing saturday morning which mickey mouse wasnt to happy about but he soon got over getting up early and away we went. i was hoping for my friend to turn up but she didnt get there till sunday but i still made the best out of being out doors and having soooo much space to run around in.

By sunday afternoon it was time to come back home ready to help mummy start opening her presents a day early as daddy goes to work really early and mummy couldn’t wait until the afternoon for him to come home so me and daddy went around the house gathering up the hidden presents and giving them to mummy to hold while i opened them.

Monday was the big day for mummy and i had a day of nursery so i could spend it with mummy and we was going to do the gruffalo hunt at cannock chase park but the weather wasn’t that great so we went to go and see nanny Gwendoline  and Granddad gordy as nanny hasn’t been feeling to good so i went to cheer her up a little before heading over to see Chel and charlie and cousin Elora.

To finish the day off we went out for food and i ate all my alphabet spaghetti  and a few chips then stole nanny Georgina’s cream from her ice cream sundae lol. All in all its been a good few days with great weather 🙂