June 2016

Capture The Moment


The last few weeks it seems mum, dad and nanny owen have been capturing some great pictures and instagram has been seeing alot more activity in showing these moments from me being a cheeky monkey to my first pigtails being put in today and wow how much i am starting to grow up is really crazy, dads even got round to uploading last months pictures as well 🙂

Been spending a little more time back over nanny and grandad owens house and nanny broadfield had to leave us for a couple of weeks and go back and see grandad broadfield to make sure he was ok but this time doesnt matter to much about her going back to france as we only have a couple of weeks before me and mummy go and visit and now we even have a tag along…NANNY OWEN!!!! she has booked a ticket and looks like all the girls are getting to spend some quality time together with the exception of grandad broadfield lol.

been sleeping really well lately and have no problems what so ever going to sleep at night, mum and dad think they have finally cracked it and when i went over nanny and grandad owens house i have never gone to sleep well in the room that should be for me and when i stayed the other night i decided that i would sleep in a different room and went straight to sleep so looks like i have found my new room over there now, oh and they also treated me to a new teletubby #spoilt

DSC_5667 DSC_5712 20160604_201428 DSC_5676