Camping Holt Fleet


Had an unexpected getaway this weekend to nanny and grandad broadfield caravan in Holt Fleet ,Worcester which was the first time i had ever been there or had an overnight stay in a caravan . Mum and dad dropped me off over nanny and grandads as mum was working saturday night and dad had to go to work at 5am so nanny to the rescue and seems the weather was really really nice it was time to hit the road down to the caravan.

when we got down there i didnt know what to do with my self as there was soo much free space and to top it off nanny and grandads friends were there with there sons’s kids and they had a remote control pink car that someone else could control it while i got to sit in it and ride around so i was well away up until the point i had to get out of course which then the whole world ended and boy did i let people know about it, mum and dad in all honesty are starting to get a bit angry at all my tantrums and paddys i keep throwing and this time other people got to see it.

After getting over my paddy the rest of the afternoon / evening went well and enjoyed my time down there although grandad aint impressed i kept pulling knobs off the fridge and pulled the leaver of the fire but im sure he’ll get over it as he loves me lots.

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