Bye Bye Gordo



Back at school this week and already 2 days under my belt and still going strong which is always good and still loving every minute of it, they have decided that mondays is going to be called messy mondays so u dont have to wear school uniform on a monday and we have and are going to be playing with things like glitter and glue and all things generally messy that dad definitely dosent like me playing with at home so ive been having a blast since ive been at nursery.

Sad time today though as nanny and grandad broadfield are going to be setting off tomorrow morning back across the waters to France and what a fun time ive had with them here, im growing up so quickly and its really nice that they can both see me do my crazy things but on the plus side nanny has already booked her flight back over here to see us and grandad gordo is staying at home for a bit and might come over at a later date. This time with nanny and grandad broadfield coming over they got to finally stop over loads and loads as we have the spare room now and they put a bed in there so got to get up with me and see the happy side of me which is always first thing in the morning 🙂 Safe travels xxx


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