Busy Little Bee

cartoon-bee 7

been busy getting reacquainted with being back at home and back in the UK after having an amazing week in sunny France but after being away i really did miss all my toys and the house and my bedroom, i woke up saturday morning and ran into mummy and said “MUM HOME!” lol. Dad had work at silly o’clock in the morning so me and mum stayed in so i could go nuts and play with everything and boy did i make a good job of that and trashed the house quite a few times just with amazement of ┬áseeing all my toys again running up and down the stairs trashing the toy room, living room and my bedroom.

Sunday was time for me and mum to venture out of the house as dad had things to do even though it was mummy’s birthday so me and mum went out and about and headed over to nanny and grandad’s house so mummy could see them for her birthday and then nanny came back with us so she could look after me while daddy treated mummy to a nice meal out.

This week has been pretty much getting up and yet again dad off to work for 3 days which has been really strange after spending so much time with him i hate it when he leaves but me and mum and normally nanny owen has been going out and about shopping and doing what women normally do before wednesday night having grandad come over and with daddy helping get the last tree down ready for me to help daddy load it into the back of the van finding all the small bits but still helping them.

Thursday night was something extra special, we got private access to Dudley Zoo after daddy’s friend hooked us up so we could have a quick wonder around the zoo before getting a little bit of TV action and even daddy and me went on BBC WM facebook live video which was my first proper TV apperance ­čÖé all in all its been a good week and daddy has even managed to upload some pics from France as well.

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