Busy Busy Weekend

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Been quite a few days since ive got daddy to do a blog and what a day to get him to do one as its my bestest friend’s birthday and she’s also my nanny owen so to start todays blog off i wanna wish her a massive happy birthday and hope grandad owen spoils her lots and lots and depending on what mood im in i might even throw in a hugg for her later lol xx

After having new shoes last week the rest of the week went like usual, getting up at 6am ish and then either staying at home with mummy or daddy and then maybe going over to nanny and grandad owens but come saturday me and daddy had our first road trip together and left mummy behind. We left saturday morning and hit the road down to sunny wales to go and see auntie carla and uncle shayne and the tribe for a few hours befor hitting the road again back home ready for the arrival of uncle deano and his girlfriend and the 2 kids emily and george.

When uncle deano arrived we eventually went out for dinner and i managed to stay up until about 9:30pm and by that point there was no hope in keeping me awake any longer as i was shattered. Sunday morning after waiting to hear from uncle deano we finally met up with him at 12 noon where we was ment to goto the market but due to it raining we ended up going out for lunch and then i got to play in the soft play down merry hill before they went back home.

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