November 2015

broken nanny

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Friday was just me and nanny owen in the afternoon as she was having an operation on her foot today (saturday) so she decided that as she wasn’t going to be on her feet much that she was going to make the most of spending some quality time with me and take me out for a few hours so i can run wild in soft play and we had a blast as there was only a couple of people in there so more space for me and nanny to play in, not sure who was the child though as im sure nanny was enjoying it a little more than she should.

Mum was trying to get so sleep in the afternoon ready for her work this weekend so nanny bought me sausage and chips from the chippy as that was on the menu as well which i ate most of it but as for morning snacks all week when it came to fruit i didn’t want to know and even some of the afternoon food has been a bit hit and miss but it still early days and more time for mum and dad to tweek my weekly menu.