Bonjour nanny and grandad

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Been really enjoying the sun lately as it means i get to bust out some skirts and not have to get wrapped up to the nines before i go out and now daddy has kind of sorted the back garden out im sure i’ll be able to play out there alot more.

Im still loving my trampoline, i play on it throughout the day while destroying the house with a mass of toys lying around the place but hopefully mummy and daddy can keep it a little cleaner this next few days as im hoping im not going to be in much because we have some special people coming to visit us today and they are NANNY & GRANDAD BROADFIELD!!!!!!!!

Soooooooo excited for them to be here and now its only a few more hours before they get my special hugs, hopefully they have had a safe journey over and they should soon be hitting the motorway for there finally stretch after travelling over from france . Not only do we have nanny & grandad broadfield coming over but a couple of relations coming over from Aussie land and they are my great auntie and uncle Mag and Terry so looks like its going to be a good weekend ahead and plus dad’s off till wednesday as well so what more can a women want, your probably thinking new shoes well there on this weekends list as well so im a happy little girl right now x