Birthday Smashed!

After a mad couple of weeks not feeling 100% but still as always just plodding along ive finally made it to the big day where i am officially 3 years old and what a day ive had and i can definitely say im spoilt rotten and loved soo soo much by loads of people!

Woke up this morning to mummy waking me as she knew i had nursery to goto  so after giving my head a wobble we went down stairs and there was not only a house fully of people there was lots of presents for me as well 🙂 we had nanny and grandad owen and broadfield here as well as mummy and daddy so at that time of the morning it was all a little overwhelming but it was time to start picking gifts and opening my presents. Breakfast this morning soon took a back seat and at most i managed to eat half a piece of toast and before i knew it i had to goto nursery which was all good as nanny owen and mummy stayed with me to have an easter egg hunt with me.

Once school/ Nursery finished daddy came and picked me up and it was home for lunch and some more play time befor heading off to my first ever cinema experience and how crazy was it that peppa pig was also have her first ever cinema experience and thats what we went to watch and after 45 minutes of waiting around we finally got the curtains open and the show started. Although it was only on for an hour by this point i had no sleep and was getting bored and tired and wanted to go near the end but still managed to stick it out and finally we got to go.

Next on the list was a family meal and i was just soo not bothered about this and slowly started getting crankier and crankier as time went on and eventually fell asleep in nanny owens arms so mum and dad finished there food and we headed off home ready for my bezzie liam turning up, we had half hour play time and things started to come to an end of what was a very long but fantasic birthday and im soo great full for everything i have had, its just gunna be soo nice having a couple of weeks now to play with everything i have had and start seeing what the next 12 months bring for me