Big Man at the Zoo

After such a bizarre week with loads of snow falling and schools being closed then to top it off i have a dodgy bum at the moment which ment even when the school was open i couldn’t go it was touch and go if i could make it to the Zoo as well to see the big man Santa Claus.

Luckily enough i was able to go so me and daddy and nanny Georgina headed to the zoo although i was still really really cold i couldn’t contain my excitement any longer so off we went on a slow drive heading towards the zoo. When we got there the paths were slippery and we all had to be careful heading towards main reception, then it wasn’t long before we managed to get into the zoo and start having a stroll around before seeing the big man at noon . We managed to see pelicans, owls, meerkats, sea lions and penguins before heading to the cafe to warm up, it really wasn’t the day to be strolling around the zoo so we had a quick drink and snack then made our way to see Santa.

Once we got to the big white tent we had the chance to decorate some stars then put them on a tree before heading into the castle ready to see Santa, we entered a room and there he was sat there in all his glory and because we went in groups we all had to sit down and say hello to him and we also got a gift to which i wasn’t happy as i wanted a Cry Baby doll and later when i opened it and realised it wasn’t cry baby doll i wasn’t very happy. Photo opportunity came and i was straight in there which shocked nanny and daddy as in all my past years i have ran the opposite direction but now i love seeing him and soon its going to be christmas day and i get to open lots and lots of presents 🙂

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