Big Girl Sleeping


The last few nights mum and dad thought it was time to remove the bed guard from the top end of my bed which wasnt very high and im used to climbing over it anyway but was more there to stop me falling out of bed than anything, i could still get out of the bottom half of the bed. The first night was a reality shock as… yep you guessed it i fell out of bed but in all honesty that was my one and only time that i have and now the top half of the guard is removed for some reason i feel compelled to come out of my bedroom in the morning and wake mummy and daddy up and a couple of times i have done it in the night but its still early days and mum and dad are happy with how things of gone, just not happy that im growing up way to fast for them.

Daddy is still of and ive been enjoying waking up with him and having our little routine when mums at work then when mummy comes home dad tells me and i come running to the front window with lots of smiles for her, then i have been spending time with her while dad goes to the gym and also spending time chasing Dash the dog around over daddy’s friends house.

Had a play date monday with Evie, one of mummy’s friends kids and i was confused at first as Evie had the same toys as me so when she started playing with them i wasnt best pleased as i thought they were mine but we soon started playing really nice together. Wednesday nanny and grandad broadfield took me, mum and dad out for a really nice lunch and i had chips with carrots and peas but just like daddy i wasn’t having any of the peas ewwwww!!!

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