Big girl now

Its been a week or so now and not a wet night in sight for me, i goto the toilet every night and make sure i have no liquids about an hour before bed and things seem to be going good for me and if when im in bed i need a wee wee ive been known to dash to my potty and go which is great for me as i no longer need to have nappies on so fingers crossed at the moment its all going good and getting to be such a big girl now 🙂

Aint any photos taken this week as its been just a normal week for me, went to school 4 out of 5 days this week as friday i ended up being sick in the morning so standard school plicy says we have to be off for 2 days clear before returning so me and mum spent the day chilling and playing at home until dad came home but i was in bed by the time he came back but on the plus side he is off until tuesday now.

Im off over nanny and grandad owens again tonght so mummy and daddy can go out and have fun but thats ok coz i love going over there as we always have loads of fun over there and i get to trash someone elses house apart from mine ha ha xx