Big Bed going good

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Last few days of sleeping in a big girls bed has gone really well and i seem to be sleeping alot better thatn i have done before, getting up between 06.30-7am most days and its only normally the squeaky floor boards that wake me up from mum and dads room as they walk around them but hopefully they will be sorted this weekend so there shouldnt be much waking me up now through the night and i also wake up most mornings waiting on my bed for mum or dad so they are really pleased as well that things have gone ok.

Ive been having a right good week this week as nanny and grandad broadfield have been over from france so ive got to spend lots of time with them and auntie chel  and nanny and grandad owen as well as some other family members which im too young to know what relation they are to me if any to be fair but either way its been one busy week and even got my self a new pair of wellys which means now im allowed to jump in muddy puddles 🙂