March 2015

Best Weight to date

Weight chart2

Here is my weight from yesterday and things must definitely be on the mend as this is my best weight since ive been born, a nice 8.3kgs compared to 8.08kgs last month so mummy and daddy are happy to see that im putting weight back on.

Mummy aint done so much work the last few days so apart from me and daddy waiting for her to do a couple of calls me and mummy have been chilling in the afternoon to make up for last weekend where she didnt seem to be home much, i guess there is a downside to her new job being a home carer but me and daddy did get chance to have a quick play in the park the other day while we waited for mummy, its just a shame it was really too cold to be playing in a park but still fun.

This saturday it looks like me and daddy are going to make a quick dash to wales for a few hours while mummy works so we can go and see auntie carla and my cousins but only for a few hours and then we have to leave just after lunch to shoot back up the motorway ready for my non official uncle deano coming down from blackpool with his daughter emily so should be a good weekend.

Oh one last thing February pictures are now up and ready to look at and considering i wasn’t feeling great most of the month there is still lots of pics and now mummy and nanny owen both have new phones with a better camera on them pictures and videos should be a whole lot better now and no more grainy pictures or vidz

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