May 2015

Bank holiday fun

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Been a good weekend with dad and family as daddy has been off for 4 days so we have been making the most of it as a family and also got to have some fun out and about with cousin Liam.

Friday i was getting my walk on as thats all i wanna do lately is just walk and walk and explore so me, mum and dad got out and about and boy i was shattered after it. Saturday was a road trip to Birmingham to go and me auntie amanda and uncle stu and crazy cousin liam to get daddys stuff sorted for the wedding so before we met up with them we spent a couple of hours seeing the sights of the town.

Sunday was a trip to west brom to goto funky monkeys with liam and co to go and have some fun at soft play and then today (monday) i got to splash around in the back garden fully clothed ha ha!!