Bank holiday at Blackpool

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Well it was a spur of the moment decision by daddy and for the bank holiday we set off to Blackpool to go and visit uncle deano, not so much for the sea and sand as we’ve been here a couple of times already and the weather wasnt quite ready for the beach.

We finally managed to get into town and find uncle deano at 12 noon and then i decided to have a power knap as i didnt sleep that much in the car so  by the time we got out it was time for some food at the pub and also time for daddy to have a cheeky pint. After food i got to play on the play area which had a slide and that was it i was hooked and didnt want to play with nothing else, all i wanted to do was walk up the slide (yes up) and then slide my self down with the occasional try and walk down the stairs that i should have gone up.

After stressing mummy and daddy out and generally being a grump it was off the the arcades to spend some of daddy’s money and see what kids rides there was for me and i got to go on quite a few, i wasnt quite sure to start with but soon got into the swing of things then it was time to head back to uncle deano’s girlfriends house before hitting the road back home and i lasted nearly three quarters of the way home before falling asleep so i think i did really well and after having such an eventful day it was nice to get into my own bed although it was short lived and had mummy up half the night but hey im still teething!

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