Ballet, Bangs and Spooky Times ???

Well the last few weeks have been busy for me as ive decided to take on Ballet as my best friend Amber at school goes to Ballet on a Friday so mum started taking me to see how i get on and at the moment im loving it and Nanny Bobblehead (Gina) has bought me my outfit and well what can i say i do look good in it. As most people who know me i do enjoy a good sing along just like my dad and i love a good dance but not quite sure where i get the moves from right now so thank god there is videos for me to learn as i dont think mum or dad have the moves anymore lol

Also for the first time since my cute little self has been born mum and dad finally let me go out Trick or Treating with another one of my friends who lives next door to me but we was all supervised by the parents, mum and dad came and my friends mum and dad came so we had a nice little walk around most os the area where we stay and the best of it is i dont really eat most the the stuff i got but i guess theres more for mum and dad.

After a late night of trick or treating it was back to school and back to reality for a couple of days before going to a Halloween party where i got to dress up again and where my spooky outfit and watch a couple of fireworks in preparation for fireworks night even though most people seem to set them off way before and way after, its a good job i can sleep through them all but come the weekend it was time to stay over Nanny Bobbleheads house and grandad mickey decided to put on a little show for me but i didnt like the BIG fireworks with the loud bangs i just enjoyed the fountains so all in all its been a pretty good couple of weeks and soon its going to be CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! not that im excited and ive already put my many orders in around my house with mum and dad and of course left nanny and grandad with lots of circles around the toy book

Oh oh… i forgot about a silent disco i went to down the shopping centre for halloween, crazy but loved it??