Bad Case of Chicken Spots

Its Been a rough week or so but things are on the mend, finally got the dreaded chicken pox or chicken spots as we call it and boy i didn’t like it one bit! sleeping was a nightmare and had to stay of big nursery for a week but they are all but gone now apart form a couple and my infection level is back to a safe zone and ive finally gone back to big nursery but whilst i was infected my friend Harvey was infected as well so i had a couple of days playing with him at my house which was really good fun.

Prior to the infection i did manage to goto wales and had a fab time playing in the sand and water and we even went to the pub where they had a bouncy castle and one of daddy’s friends daughters came out with us as well which ment i had a friend to play with whilst we were there but it was short lived and we had to go which made me sad until daddy met up with his sister and there children and we had a play at MacDonald’s play area and then off to another pub where there was another play area so all in all we had a fab time befor being condemned to a week of the chicken spots.

Time is going quick at the moment and its not going to be long before the USA adventure 2018 starts which is making me more and more excited as time go by. Daddy is slowly trying to get back to a normal routine of putting stories up and pictures as he has been slacking the last couple of months but although the stories haven’t been typed im certainly getting bigger and becoming a right little madam but hey its me and folk wouldnt want me any other way