Bad 24hrs

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It struck me out of the blue and wow what a ride its been the last 24hrs! High temps coming close to the 40’s and sickness everywhere, poor nanny owen was proper shocked.

Yesterday me and mummy went over to nanny owens house so mum could get some sleep and i could check in on broken nan but after being grumpy as hell and not wanting to leave nanny’s side mum went off to bed but only 2hrs later got woken up as i had reached boiling point and thus was the start of a long night of sickness and vomiting. Mum brought me back from nanny’s and i had been sick twice in the car on the way back ┬ábut no sooner did dad come home i perked up a little and had a bath, toast and some crisps which dad thought great whats all the fuss about and sent me off to bed by about 10.30pm but the meds wore off and the sickness struck again and this time it was everywhere and poor dad didn’t know which way to turn but got there in the end and settled me down in there bed and cleaned everything up, unfortunately mum went to work as there didn’t seem no major point in both of us being home but dad managed to cope and we eventually went back to sleep around 3ish where i was like a zombie for the rest of the night.

Eventually come around 3pm today ive burst back into life and have eaten bits and bobs and drank juice and got some life back in me, now the hard part after all that sleep is going to sleep tonight.